October 2014  ~ After returning from a refreshing, revitalizing and inspirational overseas trip, we received this lovely notre from a new friend and fellow traveler..

Dear Shelly:

I too am very glad our paths crossed - I feel that I have been changing since I met you, after having admired, from a distance, your peaceful contentment and inner wisdom. As I embrace the final chapters of your wonderful book, I feel all the more lucky to have met you.

I am not new to meditation, dream work, visualization, or even psychotherapy. But I have used them periodically in times of crisis in the past, and then, sadly, forgot about them.

I loved your book. It makes the whole self / Self search worthwhile as a life-style - and, as I am being gently ‘reminded’ - not solely as a tool to use from time to time. I am most excited with the exercises - I am now going to bed with a notebook and a pencil next to me! (Let’s see what we see!)

I am really looking forward to knowing you better and in learning from you in the years and voyages to come!
As soon as I finish, I would be glad to write a bit more about the book too.

Love,  Flora



December 2013

As 2013 enters it's final days and Solstice and Christmas aproaching  Norma Kanja

shared this comment from  Nairobi Kenya.

"I have enjoyed your book and hope you are doing more research to produce another book."

Thanks Norma, the challenge is out!


October 2013  "Nothing is off limits for these mystical explorers..." Thank you, Louise
Louise Fagan, Creative Development Producer,
(Soon to be published in The Circle)

Authors Shelly Siskind and Gerbrig Berman in their recent book Uncharted Corners of Consciousness’ explore more than the typical and expected. Nothing is off limits for these mystical explorers as they acknowledge, accept and then listen to the guides that appear to them, offering messages and considerations that propel Berman and Siskind through a decades long conversation, the result of which is this book.

 At the heart of the learning is the understanding that ‘the body is the vehicle, mind is the driver, soul is the infuser.’ The Spirit is the guiding principle of conscious life. This is the central teaching that each exercise, anecdote and chapter support.

With clear language the writers take turns sharing moments of discovery as they chart their journeys continually emphasizing that each of us has the potential to look beyond and embrace the fullness of what our lives can be. They act as interpreters, guides and teachers. Through exercises, meditations, drawings and questions, the study encourages one to approach a life of well-being from avenues that to this reader had been previously unexplored. Divided in to manageable sections, the reader is first given a foundation of understanding of Siskind and Berman’s perspective. The second section is the more practical. Each chapter is complete in itself with an intention stated at the beginning and then the subsequent reading acting as support for the intention, while at the same time integrating with the larger purpose of the book. The end of the book is full of resource material, explanations, definitions, and helpful meditations.  Uncharted Corners of Consciousness can then act as a handbook after the initial reading to use for specific purposes, a ‘go to book’ for rejuvenating study. This book is highly recommended for practitioners as well as those who are new to the realms of personal discovery. The unexpected directions from which these authors approach their work is refreshingly honest and will offer new perspectives for those who practise holistic integrated living.

The reader is reminded throughout the book that ‘Living within an integrated body-mind-spirit-soul can be said to be living to the fullest and the full range of your potential’.  More than just words on a page, Siskind and Berman offer many surprising options to connect to our fuller selves in a gentle, understanding, non-preachy manner.  Uncharted Corners of Consciousness: A Guidebook for Personal and Spiritual Growth stands out on the large shelf of wisdom offering publications. 

From August:


September 2013 - "I love your book!" - Paul Hyman, President, Brain Fitness International

The more I read it, I find myself opening it to random pages or chapters and absorbing a wealth of information. I love it and find myself reading it in the morning as a start to my day. It is very inspirational and I find myself wanting to share the wisdom / knowledge with more friends and colleagues.  I referred it to a client yesterday. Thank you for all you are doing to make a difference in this world.


August 2013 - Thank you Louise Fagan - The Uncharted Mystical!
"I will be reviewing this book for an upcoming Fall publication and will post the link here. In the meantime, I’m going to continue working through the chapters, drifting off into periodic naps as the creative waves begin to roll in"

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July, 2013:  Latest Amazon review ~ "Energetic Catalyst" - thank you, Upward One [5 on 5 stars]

"Uncharted Corners of Consciousness is an energetic catalyst for creating a personal relationship with higher energy. While it not only contains many practical tools and examples for personal exploration, it also carries an energetic that stimulates integration of higher consciousness. 

I personally enjoy just leaving the book around where I can see it  - because it reminds me to open to higher guidance. Knowing the author personally, I can attest that she walks the talk and has opened herself to unique symbolic and highly helpful greater wisdom that is useful not only for herself, but others as well. 

Read this book to learn many techniques that can start or complement your journey, or more importantly, let the book inspire you to create your own unique path to integrating the higher energies available to guide and assist you in creating a loving, fulfilling life."

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May 2013: Thanks to reader Deborah Anderson for our latest Amazon review

"Uncharted Corners of Consciousness is one of the most interesting books I have read.  It extends all of the way from understanding how one was shaped a a child (“baggage”) to offering encouragement and insights into our chances for change.

This book presents how to: meditate, relax, become more mindful and further one’s progress on the road to enlightenment.  It teaches us to name our thoughts, and question our assumptions.  Uncharted Corners also introduces new concepts that stimulate new thinking.

I found Gerbrig’s and Shelly’s accounts of their own paths especially interesting.  Having retired from a busy corporate career, and currently at a place of reshaping my life, this book came to me at just the right time. I would reccommend Uncharted Corners of Consciousness to anyone interested in self-exploration and in discovering new concepts to apply to their own life journey."

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 Feb 2013 - From recent Amazon review: Thank you, SJMont!

"Drawing on what they have learned over a period of more than forty years, the authors have created a handbook for anyone wishing to embark on or continue a spiritual journey. They have described each step of their own voyage, sharing information which they found helpful along the way.
Many of the 18 chapters include exercises which readers are encouraged to try for themselves. The instructions are clearly laid out and repetition of previous exercises is frequently recommended as a prelude to moving into deeper exploration. Ideas, too, are often recapitulated before new ones are built upon them. Each chapter contains numerous meditative statements and verses intended to reinforce the particular point under discussion.

The writing style is clear and easy to follow, even when the complex ideas presented are certainly food for thought. The layout of the book contributes to clarity. Each chapter is sub-divided by the immediate topic to be discussed; the use of bold headings, italics and the inclusion of drawings which are another essential element of the content also helps.

In bravely sharing the elements of their own stories, the authors have certainly given others a blueprint for action. While not all readers will choose to undertake a spiritual journey of this nature, I think that many others will find that the poems and other musings contain ideas which they can adapt into their own lives. "