Excerpts from Uncharted Corners of Consciousness:

Love’s implications

This personal writing was given to us when we were still uncertain as to the course the book would take.
One way of looking at this, is to see it telling us how to clear time and space (for writing though it can apply to anything) without guilt – a move of trust that our lives would not fall apart, that our family obligations would not go by the wayside. If read closely, the team is telling us to set our priorities and go for it! You’ll know it’s right because it will feel pleasurable.


Understanding the implications of love
is knowing when bondage ends and duty takes over.
Sense of duty is self-implied.

You have to realize that the difference between loving, doing,
and duty is the implication one’s self puts on it.

Let your love have more of a chance.
You cannot take in all; be selective, look for priorities, and please love them.
There is no karmic let-down if you are not perfect.
Working hard is already ribbon burning.
You will know it is the divine order because you will be doing what you love.



I am eating too much
and writing too little.

Shepherding a flock
that no longer needs tending.

I pour my creativity
into a house that already
brims with the artful,

Cooking meals devoid of ingenuity,
Fearing that my epitaph will read,
‘Famous for her chicken’.

For your enjoyment in this season of renewal.

Find some quiet moments amidst the swirl of the season, and you may discover some unexpected insights of your own. 



In the quiet I hear more:

The sound of the waves

The song of a rock.

In the quiet I hear more.

The secret of the pines,

The swish of butterfly wings in flight,

The hush of a feather falling.

In the quiet I hear more.


Our 2013 contemplative poem.



There is really nothing you must be,

And there is nothing you must do.

There is really nothing you must have,

And there is nothing you must know.

There is really nothing you must become,

However it helps to know that fire burns,

And when it rains, the earth gets wet.


Life can be seen as the momentary acceptance of a situation, which is triggered by the soul – a thought manifest.

Thought is the reason behind any result.  Thought has the potential to create in physical form.

In life, with its many gifts and abilities, there are also many restrictions and constraints.
We all will eventually create a unique picture that expresses the choices we have made.

Having established a deeper relationship with our higher Self, or soul self (also referred to as the transpersonal self,
the aspect of us that is freed from the constraints of the ego and feels a connection to all that is,) infuses the simplest
of actions with unselfish, loving undertones. This gives the smallest task an underpinning of deliberation, referred to
as the Zen of doing things.

It triggers us to view our lives and live with a different focus. Needless wants, unfulfilling in many ways, will give way to
unselfish giving and sharing. An appreciation of efforts of acquisition becomes an issue of self-realization. Operating on
this footing of deliberateness can only serve to support the fluidity of self and enhance our joy in living life to the fullest.