Book Launch

Tuesday, November 27, 2012  - Book Launch

Our festive launch is over  - and what a great success it was!
Thanks to all of you who came out to celebrate, sent flowers and good wishes and bought books.


The launch was just the beginning  - albeit a great one!

Now that you have a copy of the book, we hope to hear from you.  As Gerbrig said in her speech, this book is not a "who-done-it", but rather a "how-to-do it"!  Feel free to open the book and find the random passages that leap out and catch your attention. There are many ways tap into those uncharted corners

Let us know what you think. Talk to us on  Facebook  -  leave your comments, ask questions, we'll be waiting!







With special thanks to LHSF and Felipe Gomes and staff at Aroma Restaurant   (215 Picadilly Street   London, ON)    
Details: 2012_Book_Launch_27Nov.pdf